ab 并发压力测试工具

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apache 自带的并发压力测试小工具ab(ApacheBench)

$ ab ab: wrong number of arguments Usage: ab [options] [http[s]://]hostname[:port]/path Options are: -n requests Number of requests to perform -c concurrency Number of multiple requests to make at a time -t timelimit Seconds to max. to spend on benchmarking This implies -n 50000 -s timeout Seconds to max. wait for each response Default is 30 seconds -b windowsize Size of TCP send/receive buffer, in bytes -B address Address to bind to when making outgoing connections -p postfile File containing data to POST. Remember also to set -T -u putfile File containing data to PUT. Remember also to set -T -T content-type Content-type header to use for POST/PUT data, eg. 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded' Default is 'text/plain' -v verbosity How much troubleshooting info to print -w Print out results in HTML tables -i Use HEAD instead of GET -x attributes String to insert as table attributes -y attributes String to insert as tr attributes -z attributes String to insert as td or th attributes -C attribute Add cookie, eg. 'Apache=1234'. (repeatable) -H attribute Add Arbitrary header line, eg. 'Accept-Encoding: gzip' Inserted after all normal header lines. (repeatable) -A attribute Add Basic WWW Authentication, the attributes are a colon separated username and password. -P attribute Add Basic Proxy Authentication, the attributes are a colon separated username and password. -X proxy:port Proxyserver and port number to use -V Print version number and exit -k Use HTTP KeepAlive feature -d Do not show percentiles served table. -S Do not show confidence estimators and warnings. -q Do not show progress when doing more than 150 requests -l Accept variable document length (use this for dynamic pages) -g filename Output collected data to gnuplot format file. -e filename Output CSV file with percentages served -r Don't exit on socket receive errors. -m method Method name -h Display usage information (this message) -Z ciphersuite Specify SSL/TLS cipher suite (See openssl ciphers) -f protocol Specify SSL/TLS protocol (SSL2, SSL3, TLS1 or ALL)

简单使用 1000次请求,10次并发

$ ab -c10 -n1000 http://local.denghb.com:3000/1.html This is ApacheBench, Version 2.3 <$Revision: 1663405 $> Copyright 1996 Adam Twiss, Zeus Technology Ltd, http://www.zeustech.net/ Licensed to The Apache Software Foundation, http://www.apache.org/ Benchmarking local.denghb.com (be patient) Completed 100 requests Completed 200 requests Completed 300 requests Completed 400 requests Completed 500 requests Completed 600 requests Completed 700 requests Completed 800 requests Completed 900 requests Completed 1000 requests Finished 1000 requests Server Software: Server Hostname: local.denghb.com Server Port: 3000 Document Path: /1.html Document Length: 167 bytes Concurrency Level: 10 Time taken for tests: 3.420 seconds Complete requests: 1000 Failed requests: 997 (Connect: 0, Receive: 0, Length: 997, Exceptions: 0) Total transferred: 364911 bytes HTML transferred: 168911 bytes Requests per second: 292.37 [#/sec] (mean) Time per request: 34.204 [ms] (mean) Time per request: 3.420 [ms] (mean, across all concurrent requests) Transfer rate: 104.19 [Kbytes/sec] received Connection Times (ms) min mean[+/-sd] median max Connect: 0 0 0.2 0 5 Processing: 7 34 7.4 31 59 Waiting: 7 34 7.3 30 59 Total: 7 34 7.4 31 59 Percentage of the requests served within a certain time (ms) 50% 31 66% 33 75% 37 80% 41 90% 46 95% 49 98% 54 99% 57 100% 59 (longest request)